Wednesday, March 15, 2006

CapAsia I & II/ PolyArk XIV & XV

Hope you are doing well. As you know, CapAsia IV students helped begin rebuilding a tsunami-hit village in Sri Lanka last year. CapAsia got huge publicity in a number of local, national, and international publications. See As participants of first south Asia field studies, PolyArk XIV and XV (also CapAsia I and II), you guys were the dreamers –in a good way-- of this field study. It is a unique field study that no one in the USA offers. Now many otheres follow your footsteps; Wes and I have kept that tradition going.

We did a nice double-session on CapAsia at the ACSP regional conference held at BSU. Eric Davenport, Lynette Boswell, Nishit Somaya, and Don Treese talked about their CapAsia experience. Faculty from UW Milwaukee and U of Michigan, as well the Provost and the Asst. Provost of BSU talked about CapAsia. There are many graduate students from India and Nepal in both architecture and planning.

Remember Angie Furore and Carryn Peirce (Sami) received thesis awards? Last year, Claudia Canepa of MIT, a CapAsia III participant, received a national award –Don Schon Award-- for her master’s thesis completed on a subject that she began investigating during CapAsia, in Delhi. Gardner Smith of CapAsia III received a Fulbright to go back to India. Lynette completed a master's at the University of Michigan and is now a Fellow of the Genesee Institute. Josh Deyer is applying for grad school at U Penn and Columbia. In order to share our experience I have created this blog. Enjoy the blog-space and keep everyone informed of what you are up to. Also get to know the younger CapAsians who are foloowing your footsteps.

Thank you



Blogger Katie said...

Hello all!

I am in Arizona now (with Scott) working for the City of Goodyear (yes, where the tires were made). I run the City's CDBG/HOME programs and do general current planning activities. Scott and I are getting married in June. We are loving the weather and seeing the new sites Arizona has to offer.

My CapAsia experiences are always with me. We have succesfully convinced a few friends to visit some of the great places we saw. Scott and I hope to save up to get back to Asia next year and visit some familiar sites as well as some new ones.

I am looking forward to hearing how all of the other CapAsia II participants are doing!


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Blogger sarah said...

Is anyone going to the APA national conference in San Antonio?

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