Wednesday, March 15, 2006

CapAsia III

Hope you are doing well. As you know, CapAsia IV students helped begin rebuilding a tsunami-hit village in Sri Lanka last year. CapAsia got huge publicity in a number of local, national, and international publications. see

Very recently, I had the opportunity to see Jae Eun, the author of the CapAsia song and the one who is very good at drawing snakes. She is naming streets in Florida after CapAsia. One is named Columbu St., not Colombo St.

Last year, Claudia received a national award –Don Schon Award-- for her master’s thesis. Gardner received a Fulbright. Chad began his graduate studies. Tony Gupta moved to Chicago and Sarah to Florida. In order to share our experience I have created a blog.

Enjoy this blog-space and keep everyone informed of what you are up to.



Blogger Becky B. said...

Yay - It is great to hear the exciting updates concerning a few of my dear CapAsia 3 compadres. I love the idea of a reunion as well! =) I'd update ya'll on my recent endeavors or accomplishments, but in this economy, there leaves little to update you on ;) I am currently living in Greenwich, CT (just outside NYC) so give me a holler if any of you are in the area... or just want to visit!!! =)
~ Becky Bell

1:37 PM  
Blogger Anthony Noble said...

Yeah, this economy....

...after getting downsized for the second time this year I'm delving deeper into the local informal economy here in Oregon's Willamette Valley (Corvallis and Eugene).

I attended a "Seed Swap" where growers of all levels and talents brought in their saved seeds and plant cuttings, donating them to the swap. In return, all of those seeds are available to anyone who wants them. It also served as forum for neighborhood groups and other gardening groups to share knowledge and promote themselves.

For now, I'm brainstorming a landscaping/urban design business while volunteering as a mediator for the County Court...and playing my guitar for tips and smiles. My next gig will stream live from the internet April 3 at 8pm from

I look forward to hear what others are up to.

~Tony (not Gupta)

8:26 PM  

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