Monday, February 13, 2006

A general blog for a new collection of CapAsia memories and updates on the lives and adventures of the students of CapAsia's past. As a participant of both CapAsia III and IV, I find small reminders of many experiences and wonder what my old CapAsia-mates are up to and where life has taken them.

America's great Northwest has captured my attention. I'm in Coos Bay, OR working with Americorps and University of Oregon in a program called RARE (Resource Assistance for Rural Environments). I am placed with ShoreBank Enterprise Pacific and am working with coastal farmers. We have formed a class to empower agricultural entrepreneurs with the skills create a successful business plan. I am putting together a workshop and a marketing guide to strengthen direct marketing in this region. I am also putting together a workshop on farm succession issues.

~Tony Noble

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Welcome to the CapAsia Blog!

Hi CapAsians,

Welcome to CapAsia blog!

After four CapAsias (beginning as PolyArk XIV), we now have quite a few past participants or alumni of the program. Hence, it is time to create a space for you to meet eachother and share informaiton. Please post any information that you would like to share with other CapAsians, those who went with you or on a separate visit. You may also post questions for others to respond. Let's begin this "discussion board."


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